“Untitled Project: Anything You Want” Exchange is in Motion

While checking out last year’s CAA Conference in Chicago I stumbled upon these lovely little hot pink forms with an image of the shiny Jeff Koons bunny. I have a thing for hot pink- so snatched the little morsel up immediately. The forms were for applications for artist Conrad Bakker’s “Untitled Project: Anything You Want.” This is an awesome project where you can commission the artist to create “anything you want” out of paint. The artist offers the option to trade or pay for his services. You have to submit the form (you HAVE to submit the form- Conrad does not accept emails to initiate the process).

Of course the biggest thing i want is my deceased dad- my obsession. So i requested 2 Polaroid photos from my family’s various prison visits. I offered in exchange, to cover an object with beads using the peyote stitch. There was some back and forth- but eventually we agreed on an exchange. Conrad would produce two of these Polaroids of my dad and in exchange for covering a geode with beads plus a small amount of cash. The agreement was solidified with a contract that clearly states the parameters of the exchange.

To my dismay- the geode Conrad sent was not cracked! Just an ugly looking rock. I am not enormously experienced beading spherical objects. But i have the internet available for consultation.  I plan to incorporate some rock-like colors and phase into some brilliant inner geode colors (likely purple) But here we go!

For more info on Bakker’s “Untitled Project: Anything You Want” visit the webpage.



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