Blast From the Not So Distant Past

It has been a few months since Lust in the Dust was released. The book was a collection of comics about prosititution in Nevada and boasted some very skilled artists. Recently Robert Crumb offered some brief but to the point criticisms of Lust in the Dust in a handwritten letter to Lust producer Mike Ogilvie. Check out the handwritten letter below. I highlighted the section that discusses my work- I know I am totally bragging, but hey, it’s Crumb!

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Living Instruments Workshop

Presented by the Beethoven Festival: LOVE 2013

Run by multi-faceted artist and educator, Noelle Garcia, this all ages workshop encourages students to consider the “life” of the unusable instrument and understand that it doesn’t have to go to waste. Students will create a mixed media sculpture combining painting and decorating recycled instruments. Every instrument is different, where it was manufactured, who played it, how it was treated and finally how and when it became unusable. One might say that an instrument has “lived.”
Sign up for one of your two chances to make your own unique sculpture. Supplies will be provided at no charge but feel free to contribute your own broken instrument parts.

Sunday, September 8th, 4:00pm – 6:00pm

Sunday, September 15th, 12:00pm – 2:00pm

Merit School of Music

38 Peoria Street, Chicago, IL 60607

This workshop is free and open to the public, but space is limited. Save your spot here now!

For more information email: or


Here are some pics of some of the supplies we have scrounged up for you!

Supplies 001

Supplies 002

The Lonesome Crowded Midwest

I am officially back in the Midwest. The boys and I are settling into a cozy place in Evanston- a suburb outside of Chicago. We have already hit up the MCA, the Zoo and Ikea. Now for a visit to the Art Institute and a well deserved First Friday. I am excited about all of the opportunities avaliable to artists in Chicagoland but also a little nervous that it must mean there will be more competition. I have been fortunate in my search for arts jobs thanks to my sister Sarah. The hardest lesson learned growing into a  mid-career art practice is that so much of your success relies on who you know. And thank heavens my sister knows some people.

Anyhow I am happy to announce I am in charge of social media for the Southport Arts School and I expect to teach some private art lessons. I will also be teaching a children’s art workshop at the Beethoven Festival in which we build sculptures from discarded instruments and parts.

Now to get my studio/ dinning room in order.

I leave you with some images of instrument remnants Sarah and I have collected.

DeadViolins PianoKeys